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63 Moons-Backed TickerPlant Launches Crypto Super App CryptoWire


New Delhi: TickerPlant, a global financial content provider, has launched a cryptocurrency super application called CryptoWire.

It is intended to act as a one-stop solution for all aspects related to the digital assets. CryptoWire will give real-time information and news on crypto prices, courses, and data related to cryptocurrency and will also offer insights about blockchain technology, the backbone of the crypto world.

TickerPlant, which is owned by Mumbai-based 63 Moons, promises to offer comprehensive and unbiased information about cryptocurrency to its subscribers. 63 Moons was founded in 1998 and has been a financial information service provider for over two decades. It said that the CryptoWire super app will offer the following services and features.

In its website the company stated, “As part of its strategic road map for growth and on the back of an unmatched record of successful implementation, 63 moons and its subsidiary, TickerPlant, have charted a future into the universe of digital asset class of cryptocurrencies by launching CryptoWire, a global crypto super app.”

According to the company, CryptoWire is an exchange-neutral information platform that will be instrumental in demystifying the Crypto Universe.

Some of the features that users can take advantage of on CryptoWire include being able to take enrollment in a variety of courses on cryptocurrencies. These include basic courses all the way up to Ph.D. degrees. The courses will be sourced from universities and institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

CryptoWire will also provide a 24×7 cryptocurrency IPTV channel called CryptoTV on its app. The channel will be streaming through YouTube and will disseminate in-depth analysis of global developments, reports and discussions regarding cryptocurrencies as well as providing more information on cryptocurrency, blockchain, asset digitisation, and asset development.

The launch of the app comes at a time when the Central government is mulling to implement regulatory pressure on cryptocurrencies. After China’s blanket ban on cryptocurrencies, India also is expected to follow suit in regulating private digital currencies through legislation in the ongoing Parliament session.

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