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Captan Kohli Funnily Demonstrates Life In Bio-Bubble


India’s captain Virat Kohli posted a funny tweet where he is seen sitting on a chair and tangled by a rope. He described this peculiar position as a synonym to the life inside bio-bubble.

A bio-bubble is a safe and secure space created for players to reduce the threat of Covid-19 while traveling. The bio-bubble usually includes the selected zones such as a hotel, stadium, or any place where the athletes’ are present. It also requires the players to take Covid-19 tests on regular basis.

Living in a bio-bubble is no simple activity. It takes a toll on players, both mentally and physically. many players have spoken about it, but it is perhaps the first time that the Indian captain has made a comment on it, a rather sarcastic one. 

“This is what playing in bubbles feels like,” wrote Virat Kohli on Twitter. 

Take a look at this funny tweet:

Virat Kohli took to Instagram, in September to put out an official statement, announcing that he has decided to step down as the Indian cricket team’s T20 captain after the T20 World Cup. 

Virat Kohli is India’s most successful Test captain and even in T20Is, he had led India to four series victories, but what brings him under scanner is team India’s performance in big events like the 50 over and 20 over World Cups and also the Champions Trophy.


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