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DM Gautam Budh Nagar issues orders on noise pollution in public places

High Court Allahabad had issued instructions on 20 Dec 2017 regarding curbing of noise pollution. As per this order action has to be taken if loudspeakers are played without permission, at public places. The rules of 2000 must be enforced strictly. Accountability has to be fixed over such officials who have not strictly enforced provisions of Rules 2000. Suitable enforcement machinery also is to be set up.  Norms given in the following chart is to be strictly followed:-

Area Code Category of Area/Zone Day time limit  (dB) Night time limit (dB)
A Industrial Area 75 70
B Commercial Area 65 55
C Residential Area 55 45
D Silence Zone 50 40

Crossing above limits is a punishable offence. City Magistrate will be empowered to enforce this rule. Permission has to be taken for use of loudspeakers, as per laid down format. This rule is applicable for use of public address system, loudspeakers and DJ.

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