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Domestic Flight Ticket Fare: Domestic Flights To Be More Expensive From Today, Airfares Hiked By 12.5 Percent


New Delhi: From today, the ticket prices for air travel will be costlier for domestic travellers. The airfare is going to be expensive from today as Civil Aviation Ministry decided to increase airfares by 12.5 per cent on Thursday night. This decision came into effect today.


At the same time, the Central Government has allowed all airlines in the country to increase the number of domestic flights by 7.5 per cent. Airlines have also been allowed to increase deployment capacity. Now the number of passengers on these domestic flights has been increased from 65 percent of the total seats to 72.5 per cent.


The corona pandemic and the lockdown had led to a sharp decline in the number of air passengers. This had also affected the earnings of airline companies. This move by the government is expected to bring relief to these airline companies. 


Government Hiked Fare 15% In June


Earlier on June 21, the Central government had increased the fares of domestic flights by 15 percent. During the second wave of the corona, the number of operational domestic flights was reduced from 80 per cent before Covid to 50 per cent.


During the pandemic, the Ministry of Civil Aviation continuously regulated airfares and the capacity of passengers. The impact of which has been seen on the earnings of airlines companies. 


In view of the decline in corona cases, the Central Government had increased passenger capacity in domestic flights to 65 percent from July 5. Now it has once again been increased by 7.5 percent to 72.5 per cent. 


Fare Increase Fourth Time This Year 


This is the fourth time this year that airfares for domestic flights have been hiked due to the hike in jet fuel prices. With this 12.5 percent hike in fares, airfares will now see a major change.


While a minimum fare of Rs 4,700 had to be paid from Delhi to Mumbai, now after this hike, a fare of Rs 5,287 will have to be paid.


On the other hand, when it comes to maximum fares, earlier, while the fare from Delhi to Mumbai was Rs. 13,000, it will now increase to Rs. 14,625. 


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