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Dr. Vinay Bajrangi explains the case of the vanishing Yogas


Every horoscope has some excellent Yoga embedded in it, but the native may not have experienced anything nice due to this, which means that these excellent Yogas have not blossomed.

A thief could have a very lovely Raj Yoga, but whenever this Yoga activates and tries to give the thief something, the next moment there could be trouble for him from the Bandhan Yoga (imprisonment Yoga).

A molester or a rapist could have a very nice Mokshaa Yoga until he negatively activates this Yoga and converts it into a bed pleasure Yoga. The otherwise Baikunth Dhaam Yoga gets transformed into Prison Yoga with a detrimental activation of events or planets.

A surgeon, a butcher or a murderer have the same kind of Yoga, but they all tend to activate this Yoga in different ways.

So this means that the Yogas which were meant to give good results changed their character and drove themselves to the darker side. The kaal (period or era), desh (country, realm) and patra (persona) are also essential to get to the root of the analogy of which yoga will get activated in what way.

I will discuss how the good Yogas, when present in a horoscope, suppress themselves and get activated negatively.

Gaj Kesri Yoga: This is an excellent Yoga that confers the native with wealth, knowledge, children and prosperity. This Yoga is formed when the moon is in angle to Jupiter in a horoscope. This means that if the moon if is in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house from Jupiter, this Yoga is formed.

Every other horoscope proclaims to have a Gaj Kesri Yoga, whereas not everyone gets its full benefit. The reasons behind this could be many, but if examined critically, one would find that few planets are either Shadastaka (6/8 relationship) to the moon or to the Jupiter. If a planet gets Shadastaka to the moon, then the thought process of the native gets negatively inclined as per the nature of the planet, whereas if a planet gets Shadastaka to Jupiter, the intelligence get altered in a negative way in accordance to the Shadastaka planet, which negatively activated the Yoga giving planets.

Kedar Yoga: A native becomes famous and charitable if he happens to have this yoga. Kedar Yoga forms when seven planets occupy four houses of the chart. This Yoga gets negatively activated when the planets in the four houses are not mutually supportive, and this negativism compels the native to commit a crime and become famous.

Kahal Yoga: The Kahal Yoga is formed if the lords of forth and ninth houses are in mutual angles. It makes the native strong, brave and wealthy, but if the ascendant lord is not that strong, he may make the native stupid. A foolish may spend his strength on non-gaining objectives, and may become a laughing stock.

Kamal Yoga: Those who have Kamal Yoga in their horoscope become the master of all arts. Kamal Yoga is formed when all the planets are in angle (kendra) to each other. The kendra to 8th house is the 11th, 2nd and the 5th house, and if the planets settle in these kendra positions, the art which they master shall not pay much.

Musala Yoga: When all planets position themselves in a fixed sign, i.e., Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, the Musala Yoga is formed. The native with this Yoga accumulates a remarkable amount of riches and fixed assets. A negative trigger to this Yoga propels the native to earn money from bad sources.

Neecha Bhang Raj Yoga: When debilitated planets forgo their debilitation due to a planetary combination, the Neecha Bhang Raj Yoga is formed. There are several combinations which cancel the debilitation of the planets. The cancelation of debilitation of the planets is understood and misapplied in a horoscope. A native with Neecha Bhang Raj Yoga entitles himself to become a king or king-like. A negatively activated Neecha Bhang Raj Yoga will create a mirage of riches for the native, but the native may never get it.

Akhand Samrajya Yoga: The Akhand Samrajya Yoga is formed when the Lord of 2nd, 9th or 11th house is in angle (kendra) to moon or lagna ( ascendant ) and Jupiter too, being the lord of 2nd, 9th or 11th house, is at an angle to Moon or Lagna. It confers the native with immense wealth, but if, to the trines of these planets in question, there lay an intrinsically bad planet, the money is there but remains in books.

Amla Yoga: When the tenth house is occupied by an intrinsically auspicious planet, either from the lagna or from the moon, the Amla Yoga is formed. The native enjoys fame all through his life, should he have this Yoga in his horoscope. A Robinhood-type of character thrives if this Yoga activates negatively.

Adhi Yoga: When an auspicious planet sits comfortably in the 6th, 7th or 8th house from the ascendant or lagna, the Adhi Yoga is formed. The native is supposed to be genuinely blessed if he has this Yoga in his horoscope. A negatively triggered Adhi Yoga brings fame through misdeeds.

Kalanidhi Yoga: Kalanidhi Yoga is formed when Jupiter is positioned in the 2nd and 5th house along with Mercury and Venus (aspect or positioning of these two planets). The native becomes an expert in many arts and vogues. If this Yoga has some negativity, the native may not earn out of his expertise.

Pushkal Yoga: Pushkal Yoga is formed when the moon sign’s lord and the ascendant lord are at angles to each other. A native with this yoga is learned and respected by the society. Negativity to this Yoga pushes the native to be the head of the evil troop.

Bheri Yoga: Bheri Yoga is formed when there are planets in the Lagna, 2nd house, 7th house and 12th house from the Lagna. A native with this Yoga lives long. A negatively functional Bheri Yoga would let the native live a long sickly life.

There are a few good Yogas other than the ones discussed above which play the vanishing act if the auspicious placement of planets does not correctly support the good Yogas. Therefore, before feeling elated about these Yogas, one should get their horoscope checked for the derailment of these Yogas. I, Dr.Vinay Bajrangi, have mastered the technique of karma correction though which the positivity of the good Yogas can be achieved and the ills disturbing these Yogas can be balanced out. To get your horoscope analysed, contact me at or call at 9278665588 or 9278555588.

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