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Edible Oil Price Decrease On 11 December 2021 Mustard Oil Price 1kg Soyabean Oil 1 Ltr Price


Edible Oil Price Down: Edible oil prices in the country have reduced. Due to the lowered prices of cotton seed and ground nuts on Saturday, there has been a decrease in prices of oil also. Many edible oils including soybean and palm oil have become cheaper. In addition, the prices of soyabean seeds have also seen improvement. 

Soybean oil cheaper 

Market sources said that soybean farmers were avoiding selling their crops at a lower price, which has led to a fall in the prices of soybean grains. On the other hand, local demand for DOC has also improved soybean oilseeds. He said the cheaper prices of light oils like soybean and cottonseed as compared to palmolein have affected the demand for palmolein. This led to Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and palmolein oil prices closing at a lower rate. He said importing CPO and palmolein over light oils was an expensive deal. 

Groundnut oil cheaper by Rs 35 per kg

Prices of mustard and groundnut oil and oilseeds, soybean oil and many other oil and oilseeds remained at the previous level. Sources said that groundnut oil prices have slashed by Rs 35 per kg, Cotton seed oil by about Rs 23 per kg in the last two and a half months, but the government should set up a committee to ensure that the benefits of the reduced prices reach to the common consumers who monitor the prices constantly.


The wholesale prices in the market remained as follows: (Price – Rs. per quintal)

  • Mustard Oilseed – Rs. 8,800 – Rs. 8,825
  • Peanut – Rs. 5,700 – Rs. 5,785
  • Groundnut Oil Mill Delivery (Gujarat) – Rs. 12,500
  • Groundnut Solvent Refined Oil Rs. 1,840-1,965 per Tin
  • Mustard Oil Dadri – Rs. 17,150 per quintal
  • Mustard Pakki Ghani – Rs. 2,640 -2,665 per tin
  • Mustard Kacchi Ghani – Rs. 2,720 – Rs. 2,830 per tin
  • Sesame Oil Mill Delivery – Rs. 16,700 – Rs. 18,200
  • Soybean Oil Mill Delivery Delhi – Rs. 12,950
  • Soybean Mill Delivery Indore – Rs. 12,700
  • Soybean Oil Degum, Kandla- 11,540
  • Crude Palm Oil Ex-Kandla – Rs. 10,980
  • Binola Mill Delivery (Haryana) – Rs. 11,700
  • Palmolin RBD, Delhi – Rs. 12,580
  • Palmolin Ex-Kandla- 11,450 (without GST)
  • Soyabean Grain Rs. 6,550 – Rs. 6,650
  • Soybean Loose Rs. 6,400 – Rs. 6,450
  • Mecca Khal (Sariska) Rs. 3,850


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