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Elections announced in Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland

Election commission has announced dates for assembly polls in three North Eastern states. CPM and Congress will try their best to defend their position in Tripura and Meghalaya respectively. Nagaland is presently ruled by NPF. As per election scheduled announced by Election Commission of India Tripura go to polls on 18 February 2018. For Meghalaya this date is 27 February and 27 February 2018. Nagaland too will vote on 27 February 2018. Following is the current position of seats in these three states.

Representative Image of North Eastern States

Meghalaya – Total 60 seats (2013 Assembly Poll)

Party Name Seats % Vote Secured
Congress 29 34.80%
UDP 8 17.10%
HSPDP 4 4.20%
NPP 2 8.80%
Others 17 35.10%

Nagaland – Total 60 seats (2013 Assembly Poll held for 59 seats)

Party Name Seats % Vote Secured
NPF 38 47.0%
Congress 8 24.90%
NCP 4 6.10%
Others 9 22.0%


Tripura – Total 60 seats (2013 Assembly Poll)

Party Name Seats % Vote Secured
Left Front 50 52.30%
Congress 10 36.50%
Others 0 11.20%

The model code of conduct has already come in effect in these three states. In Manipur BJP has formed the government in 2017 despite Congress being in the lead. After BJP success in Assam, the party will try very hard to make inroads in these three states. Congress will try to retain Meghalaya, after its better than expected performance in Gujarat election. A set back in Meghalaya will send a wrong signal because it has a significant Christian population. BJP expects that there will be defection from Congress and other parties which will strengthen its position.

In Nagaland BJP is already part of coalition which is led by Nagaland Peoples’ Front (NPF).

BJP will try its best to consolidate its position in North East. It will contest these elections on development plank. The party will showcase the centrally sponsored infrastructure development in the region. During past two months both PM Modi and Party President Amit Shah have visited the region. Due to topographical regions there are natural hurdles to various development projects in NE. But during last three years few projects have been taken on war footing. Few policy decisions like amendment to Forest Act to exclude bamboo from the definition of trees will also help.

Article by Col P Chandra (Retd)

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