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Fans & Ex-Players Divided On Virat Kohli’s Demotion As ODI Captain


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced Rohit Sharma as India’s captain in limited-overs cricket till ICC World Cup 2023. Notably, the BCCI did not announce any update about Virat Kohli stepping down as captain of ODIs. 

The cricket world seems divided on the appointment of Rohit Sharma as India’s permanent ODI captain. More so, after reports come in about Virat Kohli allegedly not willing to step down as captain. 

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The fans are divided on the matter, with some siding with Rohit Sharma, given his excellent record as Mumbai Indians captain, while the others felt Virat Kohli deserved to stay as India’s captain. Some are also pointing out at the ‘defeaning silence’ of former cricketers. 

Here are some of the reactions by ex-cricketers and experts: 

It was a little unusual not to see a lot of tweets and reactions coming from cricketers who are usually expressing their opinion on everything cricket. Meanwhile, the fans are at it as some of them feel that Virat Kohli has faced ‘injustice’. 

Well, the numbers support the claims of these fans as Kohli has the fourth-highest win record as ODI captain and the highest batting average as a captain.

Here are some of the tweets from fans:

There was a mixed response from fans but a lot of them are rooting for Virat Kohli. Nonetheless, Kohli will still very much be a part of India’s ODI squad. 

A PTI report claims that Virat Kohli was given 48 hours by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to voluntarily step down as captain and give the long-standing captain “an honourable exit route”. Virat Kohli did not comply and by the 49th hour, he was sacked as captain, the report claims. 


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