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Gold Hallmarking What Is Hall Marking How We Can Find The Carret Of Gold


New Delhi: Gold is very close to everyone’s heart. Just as people love gold, its price is also in thousands. Now the price of gold is Rs. 48,645 per ten grams. After such a high price, if the shopkeeper cheats you with fake gold, then you won’t be able to tolerate it.

The government is also very serious about purity in gold purchases and therefore the government has made hallmarking mandatory on gold items. If you take some precautions while purchasing gold then you can avoid taking the wrong gold. Be sure to consider the quality of gold while taking it. The important thing is that you should always buy gold by looking hallmarks on it.

What is hallmark?

The process of certifying the purity and beauty of gold is called hallmarking (Hallmarking). Bureau of Indian Standards is the National Standards Body of India. According to BIS Act, hallmarking of gold as well as silver jewellery is required. Hallmarking reveals the purity of gold to the customer.

Numbers show the gold carats

In a way, Hallmarks on gold is a guarantee of its purity by the government. Gold jewellery carries hallmark number which shows the purity of the gold. Usually, the jewellery is made of 22 carat gold. Because the purest standard of gold is 24 carats, but it is so soft that it does not make jewellery.

Hallmark has five digits. All carats have different hallmarks. For example, 916 means 91.6 purity on 22 carats, 875 means 87.5 purity on 21 carats. This does not doubt the purity of gold.   


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