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Guardiola’s Praise For Klopp Ahead Of Liverpool Vs Man City


If anyone follows English football since 2016, then that person would know the importance of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp in the Premier League. These two managers have re-defined the English League and made it more competitive than ever. 

The managers of two of the most consistent English clubs in this decade – Manchester City and Liverpool – come face to face yet again on Sunday as Manchester City travel to Liverpool to face them in the Premier League. 

The stakes are high in this game, just like they always are. Guardiola, just before the game has said that Jurgen Klopp helped him become a better manager. 

“He (Klopp) helped me. His teams and he helped me be a better manager. He put me on another level, to think about it and prove myself… this is the reason why we’re still in this business,” Guardiola told Reuters. 

Guardiola also praised Liverpool for being “quicker than” Man City. “Some managers make a challenge to make you step forward. We did it in Germany… here in England we’re many years together. It’s nice because both teams have the same idea — score goals. They’re quicker than us but we both try to win the game,” he added.

Liverpool is in second place and will take the top spot if they win today, while the situation is somewhat similar to Man. City, who also hold a chance to be on top of the league given they win the fixture against Liverpool. 

“It’s important to win at Anfield, but it’s difficult. Last season was the first time in many years. This is the challenge… for us, it’s an honour to be a rival with Liverpool,” added Guardiola.


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