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Head-To-Head Record Of India Vs Pakistan In T20 World Cup Matches, IND 5-0 PAK


ICC T20 World Cup: The blockbuster event in sports which will have the attention of fans from around the world is here. Yes, we are talking about the India vs Pakistan match at the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, which is scheduled to be played on 24 October.

The Indo-Pak rivalry in cricket has become so much more than just the sport. In many ways, it has transcended the Ashes rivalry between Australia and England. Since the past few years, there have not been many matches played between India and Pakistan, thus, the World Cup matches get that much more attention as it is a rare event these days.

If Pakistan is able to defeat India on 24 October, it will be the first time that a Pakistani team has defeated India in World Cup cricket. 

INDIA vs PAKISTAN Head-to-Head In T20 World Cup Matches 

India and Pakistan have come face to face on five occasions in T20 WC matches and the Indian team has managed to win all five of these matches. Let’s take a look at all matches in detail. 

1. India vs Pakistan, 14 September 2007Durban: This was the time when T20 cricket was just introduced and India, Pakistan were put in the same group. As expected, the match went down the wire, and eventually, it was tied. This match is testimony to the only ‘bowl-out’ there was in an international match. 

Result: INDIA Won

2. India vs Pakistan, 24 September 2007 – Johannesburg: This was the Final of the inaugural T20 World Cup. There would be hardly anyone who would not remember the failed scoop shot by Misbah ul Haq and the final over by Joginder Sharma. This was the time when MS Dhoni brought back glory to Indian cricket.

Result: INDIA Won

3. India vs Pakistan, 30 September 2012 – Colombo: It was a rather one-sided match where Indian bowlers were all over the Pakistani batsmen. Pakistan was bowled out for 128 runs in the 1st innings. It was in this match that Virat Kohli bowled three overs and also picked up the wicket of Mohammed Hafeez. 

Result: INDIA Won

4. India vs Pakistan, 21 March 2014Dhaka: Yet again, this match was a one-sided affair as Pakistan did not manage to break the shackles in the first innings and scored just 130 runs in the first innings of the match. 

Result: INDIA Won

5. India vs Pakistan, 19 March 2016 – Kolkata: This match will be remembered for Mohammed Amir’s spell to Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli at the top of the order. Despite Pakistan scoring less than 120 runs, they looked threatening with the ball as a returning Mohammed Amir troubled India’s batsmen. India managed to win the match as the score was not very much. 

Result: INDIA Won

Well, this was the Head-to-Head record of India-Pakistan matches at ICC T20 World Cup. Will Pakistan overturn this winning tide this coming weekend? Only time will tell. 


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