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How To Defeat Australia In Australia? England’s Kevin Pietersen Has Some Tips


New Delhi: The Ashes is back Down Under as the T20 World Cup 2021 winners, Australia is set to host England in their backyard in December 2021 for a five-match Ashes series. The first Test match will be played in Gabba, Brisbane. It’s a much-awaited Ashes series as England have failed to win it since the past two series.

Ahead of the 2021/22 showdown, Ex-England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, in an exclusive video released by Betway sports, revealed the keys to beating Aussies ‘Down Under’.

Pietersen was a member of England’s 2010/11 Ashes-winning side. The star English batter had then scored 360 runs in the triumphant 2010/11 Ashes series, also taking the crucial wicket of Michael Clarke at Adelaide.

Kevin Pietersen on importance of winning the Ashes ‘Down Under’

“I think you realise after your career how important the Ashes are. You are judged at the end of your career almost entirely on how you went in Ashes cricket. Something that the fans and the public get the media all involved in. And you are always reminded of it as well. It’s a great feather in the cap to say we  beat Australia in Australia. These are historic moments,” Pietersen said.

Kevin Pietersen on how to silence the crowd early

“Once you get off to a really good start then, the public and media start to question the Australian  side. For us to get that draw in Brisbane, then to take part in Adelaide on that particular tour was where we built up all the momentum. It’s vital to make sure that the first test doesn’t go pear-shaped,” the legend added.

Pietersen on how to score big runs

“Scoring a lot of runs is something you have to do in Australia. You have to make sure you keep the bowlers out there. Cook scored 700 runs, I got plenty, Ian Bell got plenty, Strauss got runs. It’s key to success to know that if you fail your other buddy is definitely going to turn up,” Pietersen further said.

Important to back your strike bowlers, says Kevin Pietersen

“You also got to have a strike bowler that takes wickets and you got to have a spinner that takes wickets. It’s about having the key personnel delivering when you need to deliver. Anderson at that stage was as good as anyone with his reverse swing and his control. We had the bowlers to back him up then we obviously know how great Swann is on his day,” Pietersen said.

Kevin Pietersen says “seize the moment”

“I remember in Adelaide in the 2006-07 series where we had scored 550 in that first innings and we lost that test match. Making sure that you keep the momentum down and you keep people focused the entire time that’s the key to winning in Australia. The Australians have got that mongrel spirit, that fight, the determination, the grit. You give them a chance and they will get you,” he signed off.

The first match of the Ashes series will be played at the Gabba from December 8 to December 12.  After this, the second Test of the series will start from December 16 at the Adelaide Oval.

The third match will be played from 26 December at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the fourth match will be played in Sydney. The last match of the series will start on January 14 in Perth.

The last Ashes series played between the two teams in 2019-20 was tied 2-2.. The Ashes trophy is currently with Australia, as the yellow army defeated England 4-0 in this prestigious Test series, back in 2017.


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