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ICC Eight Tournaments Date Schedule Announced Pakistan Hosting 2025 Champions Trophy


New Delhi: The ICC has announced the hosts of the T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy and World Cup between 2024 and 2031. As per the big announcement, India has been picked to host three big tournaments. India will host the T20 World Cup in 2026 along with Sri Lanka. Also, in 2029, India will host the Champions Trophy and in the year 2031, India and Bangladesh will co-host the World Cup together.

ICC said that 14 different nations would host its tournaments in the coming years. The Champions Trophy, last played in 2017, is also making a surprising comeback. ICC has decided that the much-loved tournament will be hosted by Pakistan (year 2025) and India (year 2029) in near future.

ICC will organize a big tournament every year from 2024 to 2031. As per ICC’s plan, a major ICC tournament will be organized in America for the first time ever. The 2024 T20 World Cup will take place in America. Along with America, West Indies will also co-host the marquee event.

In what might come as a shocking move for many, ICC has given Pakistan the hosting rights of the 2025 Champions Trophy. After almost 29 years, an ICC event will be hosted by Pakistan on its home soil. Last time, Pakistan hosted a major ICC tournament was the 1996 World Cup which was jointly co-hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The head of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Rameez Raja has expressed happiness over ICC’s big decision.

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2024 T20 World Cup – West Indies and America
2025 Champions Trophy – Pakistan
2026 T20 World Cup – India and Sri Lanka
2027 World Cup – South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia
2028 T20 World Cup – Australia and New Zealand
2029 Champions Trophy – India
2030 T20 World Cup – England, Ireland and Scotland
2031 World Cup – India and Bangladesh


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