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IPL 2021: Advertisers Worried After IPL Broadcast Ratings Go Down By 15-20% In Phase 2


IPL 2021: The Indian Premier League (IPL) has entered the Playoffs phase of the tournament. Usually, this period is a big money-spinning venture as the finals of the IPL attracts millions of eyeballs. This time, though, the numbers are a bit troubling, from the advertiser’s point of view.

According to a report by the Economic Times, the numbers analyzed from a Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) report show that there is a 15-20% drop in the ratings.

Incidentally, the ratings have seen a sudden fall from the ratings in Phase-1 of IPL 2021 which was played in March-April. It was reported that the advertisers who paid Rs 17.2 lakh for 10-second slots were the most affected due to this fall. 

Here are some of the findings in the ET report

  • The average match ratings for the last week of the IPL is lower than even the 2019 ratings.
  •  Average weekly reach and time spent per viewer (TSV) on IPL have dropped by over 15%
  • The average reach has gone down in the past week. The average reach for the last week’s matches was down to 72.4 million, compared to 82.4 million in the previous week. The same reach was 104.8 million in the first leg of the tournament.first 29 matches).
  • The latest week’s ratings dropped to 2.6 TVR. 

‘Some Clients Are Asking Questions’ 

“Average rating (TVR) is now lower than what Star India had achieved in 2019 as well,” said a senior executive at a large media agency told ET.

“This week’s ratings dropped to 2.6 TVR, which has pulled down the entire event average to 3.8 TVR in the core TG (target group) of male 15+ audiences. Both average reach and time spent per viewer continue to drop. Some of our clients are asking questions and may want compensatory ad slots on other properties or channels,” the executive added.

Star Sports 1 Hindi is not the no.1 channel

During the IPL season, we usually see the Star Sports channel at the top of BARC ratings, but it has been constantly placed at no.3 behind Sun Network and Star Plus, as per data released by BARC.

IPL 2020 broadcast made Star Sports Hindi 1 the No.1 channel across genres in June 2020 as per BARC ratings. Mumbai Indians Vs KKR was the top-rated game.



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