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Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley: When & Where To Watch Boxing Match Live In India?


Jake Paul, a Youtuber turned boxer has challenged UFC welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley for a boxing match. The match will take place in Cleveland, USA at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on August 29. The boxing fans are excited about this match-up. 

Tyron Woodley is Paul’s toughest opponent so far. The 24-year-old Youtube star, who has more than 20 million subscribers, has faced three opponents previously. All three of his previous boxing bouts had ended in a knockout. Paul, who won all three of those encounters will be looking for his career’s fourth win. 

Here’s all you need to know about Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley

When To Watch Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley In India?

Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley will be streamed Live in India at 9 am on 29 August 2021. 

Where To Watch Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley In India? 

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley will not be broadcasted Live in India, but the Live Streaming of the same would be available on various social media pages. All you need to do is, search: “Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley Live”

Jake Paul And Tyron Woodley Heated Press Conference 

Woodley has had a successful MMA career, but he is not a boxer. Moreover, reports suggest that Paul is training hard for the event. The recently concluded press conference between the two ended up in a heated debate between the two of them. Jake Paul made a personal remark on Woodley. The UFC fighter did not take the comments lightly. “I’m sitting here talking about how much I love my mom, how much I love my girlfriend, then of course Tyron’s mom gets into an altercation.

“This is the fight business. This is part of it. Sometimes I think we forget that. While I am upset, it’s like yeah, this isn’t soccer where everyone is kind and respectful,” Paul said, via ESPN

Woodley replied to Paul saying, ““That’s disrespect. That’s an outlier … He could have took my hat, took my f***ing glasses. Made a joke. He could have even shoved me. He would have got slapped, but still. He crossed the line,” to ESPN. 

Match Predictions

Although Woodley is a celebrated UFC patron, he has little experience in boxing, thus Jake Paul has the upper hand as per experts and betting companies. 


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