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Kane Williamson Says IPL Helps In Understanding The Conditions Before World Cup | T20 World Cup: IPL Cursed In India, Says New Zealand Captain


T20 World Cup: Most former Indian cricketers are seen cursing IPL while Team India is dropped in the T20 World Cup, but according to the New Zealand captain, it is because of this they got an entry into the semi-final. Kane Williamson has said that the second phase of IPL in the UAE has helped his team in analyzing the wicket and the grounds here.

At a pre-match press conference a day before the England-New Zealand match, Williamson said, “The IPL and I suppose the other franchise comps, but certainly add a lot to the knowledge of the players from all countries.”

“Also add to the experience of being able to share and I think we’ve seen in this tournament and we certainly saw in the second half of the IPL the variability and the surfaces which, perhaps lent itself more naturally to certain sides. But you sort of in the moment you compete in different games and the margins are fine,” Williamson told PTI.

Here, IPL is being blamed in India

Former Indian cricketers are giving the reasons for Team India’s exit on different platforms. The biggest reason for the team’s defeat is being cited as IPL. Recently, Kapil Dev has also said that what can we say if players prefer IPL more over the country. On social media too, users are blaming IPL the most for Team India’s exit.

The first semi-final of the T20 World Cup is here. England vs New Zealand! This is not a new fixture for either of the two teams. The memories of the ICC 2019 World Cup would be ripe in the minds of cricketers from both nations. Williamson would want to forget that and think of defeating England in the semi-final. 



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