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Lionel Messi Couldn’t Control His Tears As Gives His Barcelona Farewell Speech At Camp Nou


Barcelona: Lionel Messi, while attending his last press conference at FC Barcelona among supporters and journalists was not able to control his tears. It was the last time Messi was coming in front of the Barcelona fans as Messi decided to leave the club after spending more than 20 years at the club. Barcelona anounced last week that Lionel Messi will not be a part of the club anymore “due to economic and structural obstacles”. 

Messi was not able to control his emotion as he spoke with the fans and journalists. Messi said that, “One of the most difficult time for me,” while adressing the press conference. 

Messi began his FC Barcelona senior career in 2004, so from 2004-2021, Messi saw a lot of changes in the Catalan club and thus, it is only natural to feel emotional while ending such a long association with the club. 

Take a look at the video of the Press Conference: 


“Live so many years at the club. So many good things happened. Some bad things too, but I never imagined to say good bye because i never thought about it. Never imagined it this way,” Messi said at the press conference on Barca TV.

Messi was sad that he wasn’t able to play in fron of a packed Cam Nopu Stadium due to the pandemic. He said, “Couldn’t play in front of people due to pandemic. I havent seen fans for year and half. I wanna say that again, I am grateful for the love you all have shown me. I hope that I can come back and be part of the club in any way, in any manner,” he said. 

“Honestly, i am forgetting so many things but that’s all I can say right now,” he added. 

When asked what was his favourite moment at the club, he said, “Maybe the time when I did my debut – that was my dream come true. I will always remember that moment.”

What Did Messi Say About Going To PSG? 

“That’s one possibility, but I have not confirmed anything with any club right now,” said Messi when a journalist asked about a possible move to Paris Saint-Germain. 

“I didn’t wanna leave this club, its the club that I love. Last year, I wanted to leave, this year I don’t,” Messi concluded.



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