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Manage Your Festive Expenses With An Instant Personal Loan


New Delhi: With Diwali upon us, this is the time when people embrace new beginnings and set the foundation for their aspirations. This is also the time of the year when brands, retailers, and service providers launch their seasonal sales and promotions.

Choose a quick personal loan to ensure that you can celebrate these festive months as planned and without any compromise. This instrument can help you bridge any funding gaps you may have during these months and helps you achieve your dreams as intended. What’s more, since it is an unsecured offering, you may get access to a personalised pre-approved personal loan offer. This is an exclusive deal tailored for your profile, and it has the best terms for you. These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy, and to know how this offering can help you celebrate this festive season, read on.

Avail of a large sanction and fly to your dream destination

Going on a trip during the festive season can be expensive due to the high demand. As such, a lot of the destinations you may want to visit may seem beyond your budget. However, with an instant loan, you can overcome the financial gap. Depending on the lender, you can get up to Rs. 25 lakh as a sanction, and you can use it to ensure that your travels go precisely as planned. Go hiking, skydiving, enjoy snorkelling, eat local delicacies, or do whatever you like to enjoy your vacation without missing out on anything. 

What’s more, accessing this sanction is fairly easy too. New-age lenders don’t require you to meet a long list of criteria. You can even check personal loan eligibility online with a digital calculator and apply for the most suitable loan for you. Typically, to qualify, you will need to meet terms related to your: 

  • Age
  • Employment 
  • Citizenship
  • Credit score

The lender will assign the personal loan interest rate, sanction, and fees applicable based on your profile. So, be sure to put your best foot forward to get yourself the most affordable deal.

Get fast approval and handle urgent expenses easily

During the festive months, you may have several urgent expenses to make. Whether they are planned or unplanned, you need cash on hand to avoid delays. Thankfully, the best lenders approve your loan application within minutes, especially when you avail a quick personal loan. Besides the lenient criteria, leading lenders only require you to submit basic paperwork to approve. Some lenders even assure loan approval within minutes, thanks to a completely paperless process. 

However, such a benefit may only be available to existing customers. In any case, if you’re a new customer, you may be asked to submit these basic documents when applying.  

  • Aadhaar Card/PAN Card/Passport for KYC
  • ID card issued by your employer
  • Salary slips of latest two months
  • Updated salary account statement

Enjoy quick disbursal and stay on track with festive plans

Whether it is home renovation, overseas travel, a wedding, or any other special event, having easy access to funds makes executing such undertakings much easier. This is especially true during these few months as things are a lot more hectic. Thankfully, with a quick personal loan, you don’t have to worry about delays with funding. Lenders can now offer instant financing, which means you can get funds via a personal loan in less than 24 hours. Apply online to enjoy such a feature and eliminate the need to visit a physical branch altogether. 

Finance big-ticket expenses affordably with a flexible tenor

This festive season is usually when many make a few big-ticket expenses. Common ones include debt consolidation, home renovation, or hosting a wedding, and funding these out of pocket can leave a dent in your savings. But, with a personal loan, you don’t have to worry about the impact of such undertakings as you can opt to repay over a lengthy tenor. Depending on the lender you choose, the tenor can range up to 5 years, allowing you to handle payments comfortably. In fact, with the EMI calculator, you can calculate personal loan EMI options that suit your financial capabilities and get a loan on terms you can handle. 

These are a few ways in which a quick personal loan can come to your aid this festive season. With a solid financial profile, you can be assured of funding in an instant and may even be able to secure special loan deals that save you money. In fact, with the right lender, you may enjoy such a benefit, along with several others too. An option that is both loaded with features and easy to avail of is the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan

By meeting the easy eligibility terms and uploading basic paperwork, you can get instant approval in just 5 minutes. Based on your profile, you can get up to Rs. 25 lakh over a flexible tenor ranging up to 60 months and at a competitive personal loan interest rate. Bajaj Finserv also offers a range of digital tools, including the personal loan app, which you can use to manage your loan quickly, on the go and from your smartphone. To enjoy all the benefits of this quick personal loan and guarantee a joyous festive season, check your pre-approved offer right away.

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