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Mark Your Calendars: Oct 24 Is Day Of Sports Rivalries


What is a sport without an intense rivalry? They (rivalries) not only infuse passion into the game but also take the level, a notch up. Some rivalries transcend the domain of field and affect the world outside the pitch. 24 October is a day for exactly such kinds of rivalries that have transcended into the world outside the domain of sport.

To say that ‘India’s sports fans will be excited for 24 October’ might be an understatement as we have India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match, Manchester United vs Liverpool, FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, and also Inter Milan vs Juventus on the same day and also around the same time. 

Thus, mark your calenders sports fans, it is going to be a long Sunday evening!

India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup (7:30 pm IST)

The Indo-Pak rivalry in cricket has become so much more than just the sport. In many ways, it has transcended the Ashes rivalry between Australia and England. Since the past few years, there have not been many matches played between India and Pakistan, thus, the World Cup matches get that much more attention as it is a rare event these days.

Manchester United vs Liverpool (9 pm IST)

The rivalry between these two English clubs goes back to the days of the Industrial revolution. Liverpool, being a port city was the centre of trade in the 19th century. The rivalry between the two cities of England begins with merchants of Manchester being outraged by the high import charges levied by Liverpool’s port. The coming of the Manchester Ship Canal changed the dynamics and the city of Manchester became self-sufficient becoming the new trade capital. 

In football, the English league was dominated by Liverpool in the 70s and 80s but with the arrival of Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford, Manchester United grabbed the position of being the best club in England for several year. Jurgen Klopp’s arrival at Liverpool changed the club’s fortunes, but still the club is a trophy behind Manchester United. 

FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid (7:45 pm IST)

The historic rivalry between two of the biggest cities in Spain – Barcelona and Madrid – comes alive when FC Barcelona and Real Madrid face off in the El Clasico. The Catalan independence demand also plays a role in defining this rivalry. With Ronaldo and Messi not involved in this fixture, it will be a unique experience for the fans. 

The Derby d’Italia – Inter Milan vs Juventus (12:15 am IST, 25 October)

Juventus, in the absence of Ronaldo, has slipped to 7th in the league and would be looking to improve their position in the Derby of Italy. 

Apart from these matches, we also have Napoli vs Roma and Marseille vs PSG on the same day. These great rivalries will be fought out on the field on 24 October 2021. Mark your calendars and plan your weekend sports fans, it is going to be one Sunday to remember! 


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