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No WhatsApp On Some Android Phones, IPhones From Nov 1. Here Is How To Save Chat History


New Delhi: Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp announced it will not work on some Android smartphone and iPhone models from tomorrow. As per the report, WhatsApp will not support Android phones running OS 4.0.4 and older and iPhone 4s and older devices from November 1, 2021.

“Please switch to a supported device or save your chat history before then,” the company said on its website.

Is Your Phone Compatible? 

If you are an Android user, go to the Settings menu of your phone, and then tap ‘About Phone’ to see the Android version your device is running on.

iPhone users looking to check the operating system (OS) can go to Settings, and then to the general and information option. Tap software and the phone will tell you the OS running the device.

To have continued access to your chats in case your phone is not compatible, you need to back up your chats.

How To Back Up WhatsApp Chats

Android phones:

Go to WhatsApp

Tap the ‘More options’ icon on the action bar 

Go to Settings 

Tap Chats > Chat backup > Back Up


Go to WhatsApp

Tap Settings> Chats > Chat backup > Back Up

Make sure there is enough free space on your phone to store the chats. 

How To Export WhatsApp Chat History

To export a copy of an individual or group chat history, you can use the ‘export chat’ feature on the platform.

You will need to save a backup of your chats and media to Google Drive or iCloud, and restore them to a new device that is compatible to continue using WhatsApp.


Open the individual or group chat.

Tap More options icon > More > Export chat.

Choose if you want to export your chats with or without media.

WhatsApp will compose an email with your chat history, which will be sent to you attached as a .txt document.


Open the individual or group chats that you want to save.

Tap on the contact name or the group subject 

Tap on the ‘Export Chat’ option. 

If you want to export chat along with media then select the ‘Attach Media’ option otherwise tap on the ‘Without Media’ option. 

Open the ‘Mail’ app. You can also tap ‘More’ for additional options.

Enter your email address and tap ‘Send’. 


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