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OTP Aadhaar Card Check Whether Your Aadhaar Card Have Been Misused Or Not By Following These Steps


New Delhi: Aadhaar card is considered to be one of the important documents in India. Nowadays, Aadhaar cards are used from schools to colleges, hospitals, banks, etc. For that reason, it is important that we protect such important documents from being misused.

If your phone is not getting Aadhaar-related OTP, then be aware that your Aadhaar card might be getting misused. In that case, we are going to tell you some steps that can easily check if your Aadhaar is being misused or not. 

Check Aadhaar Card OTP

– To let you know if your Aadhaar card is being misused. For this, you should first visit the official website of the UIDAI.
– Then select ‘Aadhaar Services’.
– Now select ‘Aadhaar Authentication History’.
– After this, enter your Aadhaar number and security code.
– You will then need to choose ‘Generate Menu’ from the drop-down menu.
– Then you have to enter OTP.
– After that, you can see your ‘Aadhaar Authentication History’.
– Now with the help of this history you can find out where and when your Aadhaar card was used.  

With the help of authentication history, you can find out whether your Aadhaar has been misused or not. You can use this process only if your Aadhaar is linked with your phone number. 

If this is not linked, you won’t have OTP and you won’t be able to see Authentication History. If your Aadhaar has been misused, then you can register a complaint by calling the emergency number of UIDAI. 


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