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PCB Chief Ramiz Raja Says Pakistan’s Domestic Players Earn ’50-60 Lac Rupees’, Salman Butt Calls It ‘Blatant Lies’


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief, Ramiz Raja, in a press conference had said that under his tenure the domestic cricketers have started to earn 50-60 lac rupees, annually. Former Pakistan batsman, Salman Butt slammed these claims made by the PCB chief calling them ‘blatant lies’. 

Butt even said that Ramiz Raja’s statement “is similar to how businesses trap customers by offering gimmick discounts”. 

The heated reply from Butt came after Ramiz Raja, in a press conference had said, “There were two main reasons for increasing the salaries of the domestic players. One was to provide them with a sustainable tier-2 career. Now, a First Class cricketer is making 50 to 60 lac rupees, this was unheard of before.” 

Salman Butt slammed these claims and said that PCB is running according to the obsession of Ramiz Raja. In a video on his Youtube channel, Salman Butt said, “Why should anyone follow your obsessions? Where is the policy?”

Te Raja’s statement of domestic cricketers earning close to 60 lac rupees, he said, “Just take the example of A+ category players and leave the rest for a minute. Their one-year contract has 2.5 lac rupees per month. That amounts to 30 lac per year. There is no match which pays 1 lac rupees; some pay 60 thousand, others 70.” (as quoted by Cricket Pakistan)

Salman Butt also went on to explain the finance behind his statement. He explained how it is impossible for any domestic player to earn that much money. 

“If a player plays all matches of all three formats, this means 10 First-Class matches, 10 one-days, and 10 Test matches. In addition to that, if he plays the semifinals and finals as well then these amount to 33-34 matches. Even then the player won’t earn up to 60 lac,” Salman further elaborated.



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