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PCB To Recieve Blank Cheque If Pakistan Beats India In T20 WC: Ramiz Raja


Blank Cheque To PCB: Ramiz Raja, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has admitted about Pakistan cricket’s shortcomings on the financial side. He told that if Pakistan manages to defeat India in the upcoming T20 World Cup, then that will bolster Pakistan’s chances at attracting more investments. 

PCB chief also informed that an investor has promised to give a blank cheque to PCB if they beat India in their group-stage World Cup match. “I am determined to make Pakistan cricket strong. One strong investor told me that a blank cheque is ready for the PCB if Pakistan beats India in the upcoming T20 World Cup,” Ramiz Raja told Cricket Pakistan.

Ramiz Raja told that Pakistan depended a lot on funding from ICC, and made a bid for building a ‘strong cricket economy’ so that they are not ‘binned’ by teams like New Zealand and England who cancelled series with Pakistan abruptly. 

“PCB runs 50 percent on the funding of ICC. 90 percent of funding to ICC comes from India. I’m afraid that if India stopped funding ICC, then PCB might collapse because PCB gives zero percent funding to ICC,” Cricket Pakistan quoted Raja as saying. 

Raja is aiming to make sweeping changes by increasing the salaries of domestic players. 

“If our cricket economy is strong, we won’t be used and then binned by teams like England and New Zealand. Best cricket team and best cricket economy are two big challenges. We have increased salaries of domestic cricketers by hundred thousand rupees as we want to ensure that they earn at least four million rupees every year. PCB is also looking for sponsors in this regard.”



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