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Ravi Shastri On ODI Captaincy Row


Team India’s former coach Ravi Shastri, on the ODI captaincy change, said that things could have been handled with “good communication”. Shastri also said that he won’t be able to comment on the matter until Sourav Ganguly gives “his side of the story”. 

“Virat has given his side of the story, it needs the president of the board to come and give his side of the story, or give some clarification on whatever has happened. That is all,” Shastri told Indian Express. 

“I have been part of this system for many years, I was part of this team for the past seven years. With good communication, this can be handled much, much better, instead of it being out in the public domain,” he added.

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Shastri, on the question of who was lying about the ODI captaincy, said that there has to be a dialogue from both sides and not just from one. Kohli, during his pre-departure press conference ahead of the South Africa tour, said that he was never asked to stay on as T20 skipper when he made his intentions clear on relinquishing the post.

The claims made by former ODI skipper were in complete contrast to Ganguly’s assertion a few days back that Kohli had been requested to not quit the position.

“I think, would not be right, till you know what has transpired between both parties, what was the actual conversation, what was the subject, where did it start from and what was the end. Once you get to know all that, then you can join the dots and see what is the right thing to do,” Shastri said.


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