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Tosses Win Matches! In 10 Matches Of T20 World Cup Played So Far, Team Winning Toss Has Won 9 Times


ICC T20 World Cup: Tosses win matches! Yes, the saying sits well with the word ‘catches’ but as far as the T20 World Cup 2021 is concerned, the former statement also stands true. 

10 matches have been played so far in the Super 12 and in those 10 matches, the team winning the toss has won on nine occasions. 

Australia, England, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, Namibia, and Australia again have won their matches after winning the toss. The only exception here is the Bangladesh vs England match that was won by England despite Bangladesh winning the toss. 

So what is it that is not allowing the teams losing the toss to win the matches?

Chasing Has Become Easy

The conditions are such that chasing a score down has become a comparatively easier option. Given a chance, captains are opting to bowl after winning the toss. 

Even in the 10 matches played the team batting second has won 9 times out of 10. Afghanistan is the only team that has won a match batting first. 

Uncertain Pitches

As the teams batting first have little clue about how the surface is going to turn out, there is a tentativeness among batsmen in their approach. This is leading to low scores that are being chased down easily. The team batting second naturally would have a better understanding of how the pitch is behaving. 



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