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What Is It’s Significance & Why Is It Played On 26 December Every Year? What Is Boxing Day? Ashes, IND Vs SA


Boxing Day Test: Every year, on 26th December, Boxing Day is celebrated. Various significant sports events are held on this particular day. Traditionally, in cricket, a Boxing Day Test match is played in Australia and South Africa.

Even this year, there are two BIG Boxing Day Test matches, viz. the third Ahesh Test between Australia and England will be played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) while India vs South Africa Test series also begins on the same day from Centurion. 

But, What Is The Boxing Day?

It is something that has a religious and cultural significance. Boxing Day got its name in the 1800s when Queen Victoria was on the throne in England. It has nothing to do with the sport of boxing. 

There was a time when the rich used to box up gifts to give to the poor, on the very next day of Christmas i.e. on 26th December. It also used to be a day off for servants in the yesteryears. Later on, in the modern age, Boxing Day is a bank holiday in most countries, and also on this day, parents give gifts to their children in a box. 

Churches around Europe collect money and put it in a box, these boxes are opened on Boxing Day and the money is given to charity. 

Boxing Day In Sport

Apart from cricket, in many other sports, matches are played on the day of Boxing Day. England Football has a tradition of having marquee PL games on Boxing Day. This week, we have Arsenal, Chelse, Manchester City and Leicester City competing in Boxing Day matches in Premier League. 

Countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa try every year to end their year with the Boxing Day Test and start the new year with the New Year Test.

The Boxing Day Ashes Test starts at 5 am on Sunday, while South Africa vs India starts at 1:30 pm IST. 


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