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Wrestling Federation Chief Loses Temper, Smacks Young Wrestler In Public


President of the Wrestling Federation of India and BJP Lok Sabha MP, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, got himself into an unusual position on Friday when he slapped a wrestler from Uttar Pradesh on the stage during the first round of the Under-15 National Wrestling Championship at the Shaheed Ganpat Rai Indoor Stadium in New Delhi.

Many wrestlers from other states, especially Uttar Pradesh, reacted vehemently and requested that the WFI president apologises to them. Bhola Nath Singh, head of the Jharkhand Wrestling Association, and others, however, intervened and brought the situation to a close.

WFI President Lost His Cool & Slaps The Wrestler

Singh, who was the chief guest at the wrestling tournament, lost his cool with an overage wrestler who began arguing with the WFI president after pushing himself on stage despite being told not to. The wrestler, who was apparently from Uttar Pradesh, was barred from competing because he was beyond the 15-year-old age restriction. The wrestler stepped in and fought with the Kaiserganj MP when he came on stage. The WFI president lost his temper and slapped the wrestler after repeatedly urging him to step down.

Following the event, Singh stated that no one will accept indiscipline and that if the wrestler had competed despite his age, it would have left a negative image on the other wrestlers.

Overage wrestlers competing in events for younger wrestlers, according to Bhola Nath Singh, is a huge problem, and sports officials should recognise it and strive to stop it.

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